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Drop-in Guidelines

The Divisional Directors will use the following guidelines when assigning drop-in players:

  1. All teams must play with a minimum of 6 players.
  2. Drop-in players will be selected based on a random lottery system when there are more players than available positions.
  3. It is at the Division Director’s discretion to accept drop-in players based on skills appropriate to the Division.
  4. The weekly drop-in list will close 10 minutes after the start of each Division session. Subject to 1 above, if team vacancies remain after all drop-in players have been assigned, the Divisional Director may place late-arriving drop-in players on teams with fewer than 6 players.
  5. In the Recreational Division, drop-in players are rotated from team to team on a per match basis. More than the required number of vacancies may be accepted.
  6. In the Intermediate Two, Competitive and Open Divisions, drop-in players must indicate the position they prefer to play that week.
  7. In the Intermediate, Competitive and Open Divisions, drop-in players will be chosen by a team captain. Selection will be based on Divisional standings, with the last place team selecting first, fourth place team selecting second and so on until each team requiring a drop-in player has a minimum of 6 players.
  8. In the event there are fewer drop-ins than spots available, drop-ins will be placed on teams in order of necessity: i.e.: teams with the fewest available players will have higher priority. Even them out first; then the team with the least amount of points will have first pick for the remaining drop-ins (per #7). Forfeiting teams may be assigned drop-ins if it is in the interest of league play but they are not a priority and their team complement may be reassigned to other teams.
  9. In an unexpected situation, a drop-in player may be re-assigned by the Division Director to another team provided that there are at least 6 players remaining on the original team. Examples of an unexpected situation include, but are not limited to, player injury or being called away due to an unforeseen event or circumstance.
  10. Once a drop-in player is assigned to a team, they will play for the entire session. If core team members arrive late, it is at the team captain’s discretion as to whether the late-arriving member will be allowed to play.
  11. If a core team member arrives late and their team has been assigned a drop-in player, the drop-in player may only be reassigned to a second (different) team in the case where the second team has fewer than 6 players. Otherwise, guideline 10 (above) will be followed. All drop-in player re-assignments must be approved by the Division Director prior to the start of the next match.
  12. A drop-in fee will be required for each Division. The drop-in fee will be waived for current members of the VGVA Executive Board.

For the fun and fairness of the game.

Prepared by: J. Charlebois, T. Fraser, A. Steel, & K. Frisk, ~ VGVA Executive Board 2004 — 2005; VGVA Executive Board 2013 — 2014