Providing educational instruction and volleyball play in a comfortable and fun gay positive environment to any person regardless of their gender or sexual orientation.


2016–2017 Season Evaluation Dates: Sunday August 14 and Sunday August 21, 2016, at the Jericho Hill Centre (see directions below).

For both sessions, the schedule is as follows:

  • Competitive Division: 9 AM to 12 noon
  • Open Division: 12 to 3 PM
  • Intermediate Two Division: 3 PM to 6 PM

If you wish to play in the I2, Competitive or Open Divisions, you must attend one of the two evaluation sessions. You’re welcome to attend both sessions and your higher score will be used to determine placement in the league. You may ONLY be evaluated in ONE position (power, setter, middle) and only be evaluated in ONE Division. You must play the same position for both Evaluation sessions (if you attend both). If you’re not able to make Evaluations, please email Nelson, at: Players not able to attend will be placed on a ‘Wait List’ till the conclusion of Evaluations and if space is still available , wait list players will be placed in the league by the Executive Board. The Executive Board will consider previous Evaluation scores if you’ve participated in the past.

Based on the referendum feedback from the 2011 AGM, there was overwhelming support for eliminating the skills portion of evaluations, and switching to only gameplay. To accomplish this, we’ve altered the set-up of evaluations. Instead of having all VGVA members evaluated at the same time, players will only sign-up for the one division they would like to play and will be evaluated within that division.

During evaluations, you will be placed on a team with as much consideration towards balancing the number of players being evaluated for each position. However, from past years we have always seen a disproportionate distribution between the three positions. There’re generally many more setters and outside hitters than there are middles, so you must be prepared to play in a position other than the one you wish to be evaluated. If you sign up as an outside hitter, but your team has no middles, you may have to play a few games away from your preferred position. This will be taken in to account by the coaches running the evaluations. They will evaluate your individual skills as a player, as well as your ability to play within a team.

As always, your evaluation score will be the major determining factor in which division you’re placed for league play. However, past performance in VGVA, registration numbers for each division and our priority to create homogeneous skill levels in each division will also be important factors. The Executive Board will make the final decision balancing all of these factors.

If you have any questions, please email